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APRIL 03, 2021

The idea was born shortly after the lockdown, Andrea and I spent nearly 3 months of solitude on my family’s property in Beaudesert; building vegetable gardens, cooking on open flame and sometimes doing absolutely nothing. Being given an unexpected amount of time to think about our lives and future, we quickly realised going back to a “normal” lifestyle was not going to be achievable, and so began the dream.

After a conversation with Mum in August 2020, (one that I started at 19 years old upon realising that hospitality was the best career in the world and refused to let anyone tell me otherwise), we discussed the possibilities, recognised the potential and Rosmarino began to take shape. What started as a cool, intimate wine bar with a few cheese boards and prosciutto, has now grown into a 175sqm restaurant with a full menu, private dining room and an out-door courtyard.

Thanks to Chef Dario Manca’s inspiring obsession with bread, flavours and modern Italian cuisine, our plans for Rosmarino Ristorante skyrocketed. Now with less than 3 months to go before we open our doors, there is so much more work than we could have imagined, the days are getting very short, and we’re absolutely loving every second.


We look forward to meeting you soon!

With love,

Lauren, Andrea & the Rosmarino Team


Visiting the rosemary bush and Fabio on a trip to Italy.


– rosmarino – 

[rozma-reenoh] l Italian

(adj.) Andrea’s nickname in Italy

(n.) an evergreen herb commonly used in cooking

Andrea’s hospitality career began in the kitchen at 15 years old. On his first day as a kitchen hand in restaurant situated in a local aquatics and sports park, the Head Chef asked Andrea to pick some rosemary from the garden outside. Not wanting to underdeliver on how much rosemary to bring back, Andrea thought it’d be wise to rip the entire bush from the ground. Mid-way through his landscaping, he was interrupted by a furious Italian man asking him what he was going to do with that rosemary bush*. Later in the evening, Andrea was back in the kitchen where he met the man again, in thick Brescian dialect he called “Eh, Roosmaree, did you learn how to cut rosemary?” He then introduced himself as the owner of the park. 5 years later Andrea became the Restaurant Manager lovingly named, Rosma.

*original sentence was deemed inappropriate for website

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